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Your Community Spirit 2016-11-18

30:00 minutes (13.73 MB)

News includes Game Over For Climate; Planning For Environmental Carnage Under Donald Trump's Budget; Dakota Access Protesters Target Army Corps Offices Nationwide; Morocco's Mosques Join Fight Against Climate Change. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Thanksgiving Indoor Farmers Market; Antifascist Coalition; New Humanist Forum; 12 Annual Southern Illinois Alternative Gift Fair.

Your Community Spirit 2016-11-11

27:15 minutes (12.48 MB)

News includes Trump Will Be Fossil Fuel Industry's Greatest Gift; Washington State Voters Reject Nation's First Carbon Tax; Florida Voted Down Anti-Solar Initiative; Clean Tech Will Move Forward Despite Trump Administration. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Native American Heritage Month; AIDS Auction And Reception; Indigenous Peoples Day Feast; 13th Film Documentary Film Showing; New Humanist Forum.

Your Community Spirit 2016-11-04

27:15 minutes (12.47 MB)

News includes Last Chance To Limit Global Warming To Safe Levels; Solar Companies Are Suing Over Florida's Deceptive Solar Initiative; Years Of Living Dangerously Returns To Television Sunday; Tesla Boss Elon Musk Unveils Solar Roof Tiles. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Vigil For Peace And Justice; Green Earth's Fall Social; Labyrinth Walk; 13th Documentary Film Showing; Catfish, Carp, Water Quality, And Other Challenges; Indigenous People's Day Feast.