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Your Community Spirit 2006-04-07a

28:35 minutes (6.55 MB)

The Spirit Cries for Our Relatives. Happenings include the Human Right to Water at Unitarian Fellowship; nature hike; Beautify Southern Illinois benefit; sustainable vegetable gardening by Dayna Conner; Alternative Transporation Day; a WSIU Earth Day special on "In Focus;" Keep Carbondale Beautiful clean-up; obsolete electronics collection; Earth Day festivities at Turley Park; and a magic show.

Your Community Spirit 2006-03-31c

31:31 minutes (7.22 MB)

During the third chunk of this special 1.5 hour broadcast, Aur and Treesong finish up the morning with the usual blend of happenings, news, and bittersweet laughter. Happenings include Big Muddy IMC's Free Film Friday; Interfaith Center's Keep the Faith musical coffeehouse; Rosetta Stone Bookstore women's art opening; a presentation about the human right to water; and the dawn of Earth Month. News includes Bush's global warming plan (satire?); tree huggers buying pollution credits and sitting on them; reality TV about ecological living; Pentagon avoids clean-up costs by attacking science; Bush

Your Community Spirit 2006-03-31b

24:44 minutes (5.67 MB)

During the second chunk of this special 1.5 hour broadcast, Aur and Treesong continue talking about permaculture, then move on to the news. News includes spoof article on Bush's global warming stance; Seattle aims for Kyoto goals; edgy TV ads dramatize threat of climate change to children; top 10 places to live during oil crisis; agriculture interests push renewables; ethanol production powered by coal; global warming makes Time cover story; and major conservation in the South.