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Your Community Spirit 2006-03-24

32:18 minutes (7.4 MB)

News from BackHome Magazine explores the benefits and details of composting. Happenings include Big Muddy IMC's Free Film Friday; presentation on Shawnee National Forest forest activism history; Illinois Green Party conference in Carbondale; Bombs Away Collective performance art; 8th Annual Nutrition 5K Walk/Run; Neighborhood Co-op's Annual Ownership Meeting and Pre-Opening Party; Carbondale Conversations for Community Action; Shawnee Audobon event exploring stoneflies and the health of Illinois streams; Green Earth fundraising; Save Hickory Lodge campaign builds momentum; and Earth Month begins in April.

Your Community Spirit 2006-03-17

31:12 minutes (7.14 MB)

Featuring an interview with Steve Gough of Friends for Fair Growth about the local Wal-Mart issue. Happenings include Sunshine Week; Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; Green Earth fundraising; peace march and rally on the 3rd anniversary of Iraq War; Green Party statewide conference hosted in Carbondale; and SICSF trip to Earthways Center in St. Louis.

Your Community Spirit 2006-03-10

31:08 minutes (7.13 MB)

Happenings include Free Film Fridays at the Big Muddy IMC; publication of the new Muddy Media paper; the Big Muddy IMC meeting; and vigils in response to the third anniversary of the Iraq War. News includes hydrogen energy; Murphysboro Wal-Mart annexation; a potential Green Earth land purchase pending community support; health care insurance news; a big thunderstorm hits Southern Illinois; food labelling laws weaken at the federal level; Wal-Mart warehouse to shut down largest US community garden; Bush still stuck at Step 2.5 of the 12-step oil addicts program; Fox News admits that Americans b