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Your Community Spirit 2006-07-28

36:20 minutes (8.32 MB)

Happenings include Treesong's Permaculture Fundraiser tonight at the Big Muddy IMC; Peace Coalition vigils every Saturday at noon at the Town Square Pavillion; and the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning. News includes "clean coal"; electric cars; more electric cars; Amazon drought; boycott of ecocidal soy farms in the Amazon; GM cotton doesn't cut long-term pesticide use; and continued global warming news.

Your Community Spirit 2006-07-21

31:15 minutes (7.16 MB)

Featuring an interview with Nick Cooper, producer of the Soma Documentary showing this Saturday at 7 pm at the Big Muddy IMC (214 N. Washington in Carbondale). Due to the interview, this was our main happening of the day. News includes native fruits for the birds; a heat wave; edible lawns; more about the heat wave; a Smoke-Free Carbondale petition; frivolous Democrat challenges to Green ballot petitions; and headlines about declining US fuel economy, destructive soy products, lazy people saving the planet, Google attacking global warming, Big Brother keeping states from setting tougher toxic

Your Community Spirit 2006-07-14

30:41 minutes (7.03 MB)

Happenings include a mountaintop removal presentation, two films, and satellite TV, all at the Big Muddy IMC. News includes a Happy Planet Index showing that happiness can't be bought with consumption; invasive species in Antarctica; two angry moms convincing their kids' schools (and the world) to feed kids healthy local food; climate change turning up heat on wildfires; three eco-films showing this summer; and a blue-haired real-life superhero tours the nation/planet with her self-styled superhero allies.