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Your Community Spirit 2006-09-22

30:12 minutes (6.92 MB)

Happenings include a free trip around the sun; Car Free Day; the new moon; Heartland Bioneers coming up in October; Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; Treesong's Earth Conscious Revolution book signing at Rosetta Stone Bookstore; In Focus on WSIU TV features local community leaders discussing Civil Rights era; Green Belt Movement speaker comes to Illinois; benefit concert for the Pan American Conservation Association at Hangar 9; and Eyes on the Prize, a local community outreach campaign related to the Civil Rights movement. News includes California suing carmakers over pollution; Supreme

Your Community Spirit 2006-09-15

28:52 minutes (6.61 MB)

Aur and Treesong return triumphantly to Carbondale to join forces for another episode of Your Community Spirit. Happenings include Treesong's completion of his next book, Earth Conscious Revolution; Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; and Sheila Simon's bicycle tour. News includes a review of stories that transpired while Aur and Treesong were away; Proposition 87 in California proposes to tax oil and fund renewables; illness still lingers untreated following 9/11 air pollution; Google philantropists plan to build hybrid car; Big Muddy IMC has their own coffee now at the Neighborhood Co-op

Your Community Spirit 2006-09-01

31:57 minutes (7.32 MB)

Aur returns to interview Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney; Treesong departs to attend the Earth Activist Training. Happenings include Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; the Eyes Wide Open exhibit at the Town Square Pavillion; and critters and plants making adjustments in preparation for the coming of Fall. News includes Rich Whitney's official approval to appear on the state ballot after Democrat challenges to the ballot petitions were soundly defeated. Music include the tunes of local band RognboB.