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Your Community Spirit 2006-08-11

31:08 minutes (7.13 MB)

Aur is out on solar adventures. Happenings include Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC at 214 N. Washington in C'dale; Local Solar segment on In Focus tonight at 9 pm on WSIU TV; and the Farmer's Market on Saturday from 8 to 12 in Carbondale. News includes Pat Robertson's acknowledgement of global warming; polls show declining support for Bush's enviro policies; enviros save trees by cutting them; and investment booms in green industries.

Your Community Spirit 2006-08-04

32:55 minutes (7.54 MB)

Happenings include Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; Peace Vigil on Saturday at noon at the Town Square Pavillion in C'dale; and a Peace Potluck on Sunday at 5 pm at Church of the Good Shepherd. News includes a heat wave shutting down nuke plants in Europe; Blair and Arnie fighting climate change; British indulge in "global warming porn"; Bill Clinton fighting climate change; land conservation and development in Florida; electric vehicles on the rise; and Weird Al tells us it's "All About The Pentiums."

Your Community Spirit 2006-07-28

36:20 minutes (8.32 MB)

Happenings include Treesong's Permaculture Fundraiser tonight at the Big Muddy IMC; Peace Coalition vigils every Saturday at noon at the Town Square Pavillion; and the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning. News includes "clean coal"; electric cars; more electric cars; Amazon drought; boycott of ecocidal soy farms in the Amazon; GM cotton doesn't cut long-term pesticide use; and continued global warming news.