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Your Community Spirit 2006-12-01

30:23 minutes (6.96 MB)

Happenings include the Alternative Gift Fair; the Lights Fantastic parade; the Craft Sale; a film showing at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship; and the latest on power rates. News includes a list of 100 top eco-heroes; Supreme Court hears landmark climate change case; energy companies request greenhouse gas regulation; easy energy efficiency steps could slash global energy demands; Christian Coalition leader resigns over climate change and poverty issues; new website offers planet-saving info; a new printer uses reuseable plastic paper; and a contest encourages budding filmmakers to talk abo

Your Community Spirit 2006-11-24

27:14 minutes (6.24 MB)

Aur goes on vacation while Treesong babbles about green holidays.
Happenings include Buy Nothing Day; Craft Sale at the SIUC Student
Center; and Alternative Gift Fair at Carbondale Civic Center. News
includes U.N. conference ending with no climate action; France builds
widely acclaimed experimental fusion reactor; Northeast and California
both move forward with marine reserves; and British Parliament unveils
a climate-change bill.

Your Community Spirit 2006-11-17

31:13 minutes (7.15 MB)

Happenings include Vegetarian Thanksgiving; the premier of Fast Food Nation; and lame duck recipes for Thanksgiving. News includes Wal-Mart lying about organics; energy efficiency standards for appliances; France considers import tax for goods from anti-Kyoto countries; office go low-paper rather than paperless; Bush takes climate criticism from all sides; UN climate talks continue amidst dissension; Wal-Mart pretends that its eco store is indeed green; and our audio quality still kinda stinks for another week or two, but we're working on it.