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Your Community Spirit 2007-01-12

33:53 minutes (7.76 MB)

Happenings include Aur’s recent trip to the Inconvenient Truth training and Treesong’s interview with Margie Parker of the Peace Coalition. News includes a report questioning Kyoto targets of U.S. cities; a Washington school board putting a moratorium on An Inconvenient Truth; 2006 the hottest year on record for the U.S.; China assesses its eco-successes; downloadable toys and games reducing the use of fuel for transportation; New Zealand develops a vegan Green Man beer; India, England, and U.S. argue over climate change; and the Gates fund invests in destructive companies that contradict

Your Community Spirit 2007-01-05

29:42 minutes (6.8 MB)

Aur offers an extended call-in report from the Inconvenient Truth training he attended in Nashville. Happenings include WDBX Ball. News includes proposed listing of polar bears as threatened; loss of ice shelf linked to climate change; and U.S. decides not to sell toxic mercury to other nations.

Your Community Spirit 2006-12-29

28:06 minutes (6.43 MB)

Happenings include Sierra Club's Stone Soup; a call for art for the WDBX Ball; and Who Killed the Electric Car showing soon at the Big Muddy IMC. News includes the Coast Guard ceasing target practice at Great Lakes; and EPA sued over particulates.