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Your Community Spirit 2006-11-03

31:36 minutes (7.24 MB)

Happenings include a 9/11 film at the Interfaith Center; several events for Native American Heritage Month; and voting next Tuesday. News includes the Keep Warm Illinois campaign; updates on several aspects of the upcoming elections; and the City of Carbondale considering seizing utilities lines currently operated by Ameren.

Your Community Spirit 2006-10-27

31:20 minutes (7.17 MB)

Happening include Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; a film called Divided We Fall showing on Monday; and tip about a seasonal fruit called the Apple! News includes an eco analysis of music download versus CD purchasing; British eco weaponry; harvesting human energy as a renewable resource; a carbon diet that lets you loose 5000 pounds; eco reality TV show by Leonardo DiCaprio; weight gain in U.S. leads to greater fuel consumption; and newspapers and magazines seek to lesson eco impact.

Your Community Spirit 2006-10-13

31:08 minutes (7.13 MB)

Time for some Tiempo Libre! Happenings include Heartland Bioneers; Green Belt Movement speaker tomorrow in Illinois; Roots of Aggression presentation at the Unitarian Fellowship; Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; Saturday film about indymedia in Argentina at the Big Muddy IMC; and Coalition of Immokalee Workers at SIUC and a McDonald's near you to talk about wages and tomatoes. New includes clean water victory right here in Southern Illinois; plans for a new eco-club; Weather Channel launches One Degree broadband channel about climate change; chemical laden-products banned in other countries are shipped to the U.S.; college in Maine pledges carbon neutrality; illegal dumping in the Wild Wild West; most U.S.