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Your Community Spirit 2016-09-16

31:07 minutes (14.24 MB)

News includes From 280 Tribes, A Protest On The Plains; Record-Smashing August Means Long-Awaited Jump In Global Warming Is Here; Major Corporations That Support Climate Action Are Funding Politicians Who Oppose It; A Car That Smiles And A Mind-Blowing Electric Bus; Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, Paiutes Sign Deal For Another Big Solar Array Project. Happenings include Standing Rock Donation Drive; Wildflower Walk; Folkstravaganza XVII; New Humanist Forum; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Farmers Market; Get To Know Your Green Fee; Potluck By Gaia House RSO; Campaign Nonv

Your Community Spirit 2016-09-09

16:35 minutes (7.59 MB)

News includes Hybrid Solar And Wind Systems Attract Turbine Makers In India; Pakistan To Add 1 GW Wind Energy Capacity Over Next 2 Years. Happenings include Fundraising For Standing Rock; Prison Strike Teach-In And Potluck; Out Of The Darkness Walk To Prevent Suicide; Bell Smith Springs Hike; Continuing The Conversation; Farmers Market; Wildflower Walk. Unfortunately, the first ten minutes of this episode were not recorded.

Your Community Spirit 2016-09-02

28:41 minutes (13.13 MB)

News includes Severe Drought In India Pushed Thousands Of Farmers To Suicide; Leading Insurers Tell G20 To Stop Funding Fossil Fuels By 2020; Dozens More Arrested Fighting Massive Midwestern Oil Pipeline; Florida Tries To Reclaim Identity As Sunshine State. Happenings include Peace And Justice Vigil; Rotaract Student Welcome Dinner; Labyrinth Walk; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Farmers Market; Bobcats, Foxes, and Coyotes; Bell Smith Springs Hike; For Kids' Sake Superhero 5K.