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Your Community Spirit 2017-02-03

28:33 minutes (13.07 MB)

News includes Climate Activist Escapes Conviction In Stunt That Shut Down 5 Pipelines; Rex Tillerson Confirmed By Senate And Oil Mogul Becomes Secretary Of State; Standing Rock Tribe Braces For Next Round of Dakota Pipeline Battle; Tesla Gives The California Power Grid A Battery Boost. Happenings include Black History Month At SIU; Pantry Purge: An Introduction Of The KonMari Method; Taste Of Chocolate; Farmers Market; Peace And Justice Vigil; Labyrinth Walk; Walk In Solidarity With SIUC International Students; 2017 International Festival Week; Transpoetic Playground; Illinois Initiative; Food

Your Community Spirit 2017-01-27

27:16 minutes (12.49 MB)

News includes Climate Change March To Descend On Washington In April; Standing Rock Sioux Will Not Back Down; Climate Change Acceptance Grows In US Even As Voters Elect Candidate Who Denies It; Solar Employs More People In US Electricity Generation Than Oil, Coal, And Gas Combined. Happenings include Freecycle; Food Not Bombs; Kitchen Gadget Swap; Farmers Market; Black History Month; Taste Of Chocolate; Peace And Justice Vigil; Labyrinth Walk.

Your Community Spirit 2017-01-13

29:22 minutes (13.44 MB)

News includes Unrelenting Global Warming Sends Sea Ice To Record Low As Scientists Feel Heat Too; Environment Dominates Threats To Global Economy; Native Americans Fight Texas Pipeline Using Same Model As Standing Rock; Climate Investigation Of Exxon Can Proceed In Massachusetts, State Judge Rules; Solar Power To Rise From Chernobyl's Nuclear Ashes. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Antifascist Coalition; Jackson Falls Hike; New Humanist Forum; Continuing The Conversation; Water Ways Museum On Main Street Exhibit; Southern Illinois Women's March And Rally. Due to technical diffic