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Your Community Spirit 2016-11-04

27:15 minutes (12.47 MB)

News includes Last Chance To Limit Global Warming To Safe Levels; Solar Companies Are Suing Over Florida's Deceptive Solar Initiative; Years Of Living Dangerously Returns To Television Sunday; Tesla Boss Elon Musk Unveils Solar Roof Tiles. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Vigil For Peace And Justice; Green Earth's Fall Social; Labyrinth Walk; 13th Documentary Film Showing; Catfish, Carp, Water Quality, And Other Challenges; Indigenous People's Day Feast.

Your Community Spirit 2016-10-21

26:57 minutes (12.34 MB)

News includes Global Agriculture Needs Profound Transformation To Fight Climate Change And Protect Food Security; The Debates Are Over And No One Asked About Climate Change; Norway Faces Climate Lawsuit Over Arctic Oil Exploration Plans; In Illinois, New Rules Expected To Make Solar Faster And Cheaper. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock.; Dymaxion Days; Haunted Carbondale Walking Tour; Movie And Pizza Party; Continuing The Conversation; Farmers Market; Illinois Initiative Meetup; Flower Arranging With Wildflowers; SENSE Costume Halloween Party.

Your Community Spirit 2016-10-14

28:53 minutes (13.23 MB)

News includes Fossil Fuel Production Than Previously Thought; Climate Activists Shut Down All US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines; Dakota Access Opponents Thinking Bigger, Aim To Halt Entire Pipeline; Quantum Dot Solar Windows Evolve With Doctor Blade Spreading; Book Review: Everything Change. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Haunted Carbondale Walking Tour; Invasive Species Removal; Empty Bowls Fundraiser; Carbondale Zombie Walk; Science Of Cocktails Science Center Fundraiser; New Humanist Forum; Environmental Justice; Continuiing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Farmers Mar