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Your Community Spirit 2006-09-15

Aur and Treesong return triumphantly to Carbondale to join forces for another episode of Your Community Spirit. Happenings include Treesong's completion of his next book, Earth Conscious Revolution; Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; and Sheila Simon's bicycle tour. News includes a review of stories that transpired while Aur and Treesong were away; Proposition 87 in California proposes to tax oil and fund renewables; illness still lingers untreated following 9/11 air pollution; Google philantropists plan to build hybrid car; Big Muddy IMC has their own coffee now at the Neighborhood Co-op Grocery; rising ocean temps cause anthropogenic warming; Helsinki meeting offers lots of talk and little action on climate change; Portland's real estate database goes green; BMW will put 100 hydrogen vehicles on the road in 2007; Treesong still wants a Tesla Roadster; and Aur and Treesong share other headlines of note.