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Your Community Spirit 2008-02-15

Happy Valentine's Day! Happenings include Valentine's Day; Big Muddy IMC Film Friday; Gaia House on the web; telemarketer do not call list for cell phones; and Sierra Club Chronicles on Sundance Channel. News includes FEMA trailers tainted with formaldehyde; Wisconsin college gives away bikes to students who pledge not to drive; compressed air cars to hit market in India; restaurant patrons donate to drinking water initiative; House Democrats push for renewables credits; Lake Mead could run out of water by 2012; historical warm periods linked to increased insect activity; Midwest refineries source more crude from tar sands; presidential debate on science in Philly; world inches towards being paper free; knee brace harvests energy from walking; cities run into roadblocks in reducing CO2; and biofuels not helpful in climate change fight.