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Your Community Spirit 2007-01-05

29:42 minutes (6.8 MB)

Aur offers an extended call-in report from the Inconvenient Truth training he attended in Nashville. Happenings include WDBX Ball. News includes proposed listing of polar bears as threatened; loss of ice shelf linked to climate change; and U.S. decides not to sell toxic mercury to other nations.

Your Community Spirit 2007-01-12

33:53 minutes (7.76 MB)

Happenings include Aur’s recent trip to the Inconvenient Truth training and Treesong’s interview with Margie Parker of the Peace Coalition. News includes a report questioning Kyoto targets of U.S. cities; a Washington school board putting a moratorium on An Inconvenient Truth; 2006 the hottest year on record for the U.S.; China assesses its eco-successes; downloadable toys and games reducing the use of fuel for transportation; New Zealand develops a vegan Green Man beer; India, England, and U.S. argue over climate change; and the Gates fund invests in destructive companies that contradict

Your Community Spirit 2007-01-19

25:44 minutes (5.89 MB)

Happenings include Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; Carbondale reading initiative; Neighborhood Alliance meeting; Shawnee Audobon meeting with guest Jim Jung; new exhibit at African American Museum of Southern Illinois; and Who Killed the Electric Car on the horizon. News includes extension of federal solar tax credits; climate change legislation pending in Congress; scientists and evangelicals form climate alliance; US Forest Service gets female chief; unions and conservationists join forces; and solar powered monitors emerge.

Your Community Spirit 2007-01-26

31:55 minutes (7.31 MB)

Aur is on the road. Happenings include 3 Course Meal on a Budget class today at the Co-op; Faithfully Pro-Choice lecture next week; Who Killed the Electric Car? tonight at the Big Muddy IMC; Peace Vigil and special peace group photo Saturday; the Dorians at Mugsy on Saturday; SEC meetings every Thursday; and Imbolc. News includes coalition-building between green groups and major corps; Inconvenient Truth nominated for Best Documentary Oscar; Canada brings back green program and announces rainforest fund.

Your Community Spirit 2007-02-02

22:54 minutes (5.25 MB)

Happenings include a presentation on cave creatures; international food fair; international culture show; Carbondale candidates present views to Shawnee Green Party; Souper Bowl during Super Bowl; and SIUC campus showing of An Inconvenient Truth. News includes Americans who have never heard of global warming; condoms turn students on to global warming; climate change could foment terrorism; Congress talks about climate change; and BBC offers climate change game. We missed the last 8 minutes or so due to technical difficulties.

Your Community Spirit 2007-02-09

33:50 minutes (7.75 MB)

Happenings include Free Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; International Coffee Hour; International Student Council’s food fair and culture show; Mini-Health Fair at In Synch; For the Love of Chocolate at Neighborhood Co-op Grocery; WDBX Ball at the Civic Center; Primary Elections on February 27; and National Day of Climate Action on April 14. News includes the BBC Climate Challenge game; controversy over U.S. nuclear security policy; food imported by air may lose organic status in Britain; pluses and minuses of oil companies; electric cars go faster and farther; White House responds to clima

Your Community Spirit 2007-02-16

30:20 minutes (6.95 MB)

Happenings include the International Cultural Show; Big Muddy Film Fest; Mayoral Candidate Forum; local elections; wildlife photographer presentation; and a bluebird workshop. News includes dating sites for eco-sexuals; MBA students studying sustainability; criticism of Bush alternative fuel plans; Super Bowl goes greener; California may outlaw incandescent bulbs; rich guy offers atmosphere-scrubbing prize; and Norway to build doomsday seed vault.

Your Community Spirit 2007-02-23

33:06 minutes (7.58 MB)

Happenings include the Big Muddy Film Fest; 80s party at Hangar 9; Irish Fest fundraiser at Glassy Junction; Vagina Monologues; local elections; two Black History Month happenings; and the Greenest and Meanest Vehicle List. Editorial includes the ecological merits of Britney Spears’ newly shaven head. News includes the momentum of climate change news coverage; legislators demand climate-change action; questions about eco-value of organics; Tesla Motors to build electric car plant in New Mexico; and Australia to outlaw incandescents. Also, a book review of Little House on a Small Planet.

Your Community Spirit 2007-03-02

29:47 minutes (6.82 MB)

Happenings include a feminist teach-in Friday and Saturday; Vagina Monologues this weekend; maternal health speaker next week; Big Muddy Film Fest finale; Sierra Club film series coming soon; feminist symposium next week; art opening at Rosetta; Hans Blix speaking at the SIUC campus; and the Vote Solar initiative. News includes the local elections; western states form regional climate-change alliance; honeybees disappearing; Oscars for Inconvenient Truth; Shutdown Day coming up on March 24; new report ranks U.S. cities on eco-social issues; and a new campaign starts to end incandescent bulb us

Your Community Spirit 2007-03-09

29:49 minutes (6.83 MB)

Happenings include an early Daylight Savings time; new bike trail maps; Carbondale Reads program with free books at the library; anniversary of the invasion of Iraq; and the Alternative Spring Break in the Shawnee. Book review of the Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook. News includes purification of a Mayan sacred site in Guatemala after Bush visit; talk of purifying Marion and Carbondale in light of politician visits; Keep Warm Illinois program keeps residents warm; energy costs rise in So IL; So IL weather destabilized; greenhouse gas emissions on the rise; and a new initiative promot

Your Community Spirit 2007-03-16

31:56 minutes (7.31 MB)

Happenings include the Energy Film Fest; the anniversary of the Iraq war; the Spring Equinox; Audobon storyteller; and Women's History Month happenings. News includes Jamaican bobsled founder going green in Virginia; a new report on climate change; genetically modified alfalfa gets banned; chemical exposure contributes to obesity; US and EU phase out incandescents; Stanford and Berkeley love Big Oil; New Hampshire acts on climate change; automakers say fuel economy won't work; and survey shows US leads in disbelief about climate change.

Your Community Spirit 2007-03-23

29:13 minutes (6.69 MB)

Happenings include the Energy Film Fest and Co-op Classes. News includes eco-induced speed limit on Audobon; last Harry Potter book goes green; and climate keeps changing.

Your Community Spirit 2007-03-30

28:29 minutes (6.52 MB)

Happenings include CIA expert visiting Carbondale. News includes federal judge blocking West Virginia coal mining permits; Sydney turns off lights for climate change; and Castro berates biofuels.

Your Community Spirit 2007-04-06

31:59 minutes (7.33 MB)

Sage life advice includes Aur’s suggestion that people beware of substance abuse. Happenings include an art reception at Rosetta Stone Bookstore; nature photographer shows owls at night; classes at the Co-op; Step it Up anti-climate change campaign; Africa week; community dialog on genetically modified food. News includes Bush appointing anti-regulatory advocate as regulatory official; green programming on TV; baby seals drowning from melting ice as hunt begins; Supreme Court delivers landmark ruling on greenhouse gases; San Francisco approves first-in-nation ban on plastic bags; and federal

Your Community Spirit 2007-04-13

25:59 minutes (5.95 MB)

Happenings include Asian American Heritage Month; League of Women Voters Forum; Step It Up anti-climate change campaign comes to Carbondale; G. Simon Harak speaks on War on Terror; and Carbondale election next week. News includes success of sexy greens and top scientists agreeing that climate change is happening.

Your Community Spirit 2007-05-18

31:10 minutes (7.14 MB)

Happenings include the spillway alcohol ban and the fight against the Ameren rate increases. News includes Navy being sued over eco-impact of sonar use; legislation to overhaul old mining law; climate changes in Antarctica; Katrina refugees made sick by FEMA trailers; feds compare eco-terrorists to KKK; mayors plot an end to climate change; hummingbirds imperiled by cocaine trade; nettles have a holiday; Hondra introduces hybrid; and Bush allows eco-protections attached to an agreement.

Your Community Spirit 2007-05-25

30:23 minutes (6.96 MB)

Happenings and news include This Day In History; News from Backhome about Electricity; the Dollar Stretcher magazine; Carter and Connelley; Brad Klein; burning turkey poop for energy; Rachel Carson contest; Canadian bureaucrat leaks climate change info; United Nations meets Billion Tree goal; and organic bees are thriving.

Your Community Spirit 2007-06-01

30:27 minutes (6.97 MB)

Happenings include the moving of Rosetta Stone Bookstore; Shawnee Audobon annual meeting; Composters performance; and a renewable energy and sustainable living fair. News includes Exxon committing to business as usual; palm oil endangering orangutans; hypermilers maximizing fuel economy; Arnold visits Canada to talk tough on emissions; US stonewalls climate change talk; and 10 ways to save money at the pump.

Your Community Spirit 2007-06-08

32:47 minutes (7.51 MB)

Happenings include This Week In History and Cinema Under the Ground. News includes hot air from NASA; G8 news; Bush limits Clean Water; Big Auto pleads for smaller fuel efficiency gains; living green wall fends off desert; Florida rejects Everglads coal plant; states ranked by energy efficiency; China releases climate plan; Bush announces climate plan; and union and industry leaders call for green progress in Detroit;

Your Community Spirit 2007-

32:44 minutes (7.5 MB)

A list of happenings and news was not saved for this episode. You'll have to listen to find out!

Your Community Spirit 2007-06-22

30:35 minutes (7 MB)

Happenings include International Fairy Day and political satire by Tom Neilson. News includes fruit as biofuel; greening of party conventions; Senate squares off on energy bill; aging landowners leave family-owned forests in question; Paris begins bike sharing; Gore's fight against climate crisis goes to Rolling Stone; China overtakes US as biggest polluter; and coalition hopes to get video game addicts outside.

Your Community Spirit 2007-06-29

32:49 minutes (7.52 MB)

Happenings include Live Earth.

Your Community Spirit 2007-07-06

27:02 minutes (6.19 MB)

Happenings include Live Earth concert tomorrow. News includes -- you guessed it -- climate change!

Your Community Spirit 2007-07-13

29:02 minutes (6.65 MB)

Happenings include Sicko; Power to the People series on sustainability; and the Bucky dome. News includes industry-backed climate legislation; endangered status of manatees versus penguins; organic farms yielding more than chemical ones; sun is not causing current global warming; and banana farmers sue US corps over pesticides.

Your Community Spirit 2007-07-27

30:22 minutes (6.95 MB)

Happenings include Treesong's brother's wedding and hummingbird festival at Trail of Tears. News includes eco-towns in England; ground-level ozone and climate change; man passes up multi-billion dollar offer for his land; new website measures community walkability; California utility goes solar; study confirms human influence on rainfall; Siberia attacks anti-nuke protesters; and Harry Potter book goes green.

Your Community Spirit 2007-08-03

29:59 minutes (6.87 MB)

Happenings include Parsley and Sagebrush at Common Grounds; Cafe Society; Cobden peach festival; hummingbird festival; Hiroshima anniversary; and energy bill hits house floor today. News includes laser printer pollution; Spaghetti Midwestern; hurricane increase tied to climate change; smart car crosses Canada; how to green your carbon offsets; sheep subjected to aversion therapy by grape farmers; all-nighter PCs cost US $1.7 billion; and Senate probes delay in tailpipe regulations.

Your Community Spirit 2007-08-10

31:27 minutes (7.2 MB)

Happenings include Parsley and Sagebrush at the Yellow Moon Cafe.

Your Community Spirit 2007-08-17

30:22 minutes (6.95 MB)

Happenings include Rosetta Summer Sidewalk Sale; Fiction Book Club; RBF Dome recognition; Veterans for Peace; March through the Arch in St Louis; and local artist Matty Shannon blows glass at the Neighborhood Co-op. News includes pollution causing 40 percent of all deaths; 1998 second hottest year on record; hospitals opt for less toxic equipment; electric cars getting cheaper; and solar powered mouse being tested.

Your Community Spirit 2007-08-24

31:40 minutes (7.25 MB)

Happenings and news were not written down for today. I'll bet we talked about local happenings and climate change news!

Your Community Spirit 2007-08-31

30:43 minutes (7.03 MB)

Happenings include Irish Fest celebration dinner; several SEC events; critical mass; and the Peace on Earth party. News includes the 11th Hour; vegetarians reducing eco footprint; green tips for your car; New Orleans playgrounds contaminated with arsenic; near record temps in 2006 due to climate change; carbon dioxide contributes to ungrassing of grasslands; bambo motorcycle helmet; curbing air pollution from coal plants results in more ash in landfills; and unique hybrid for greens who want to look conspicuous.

Your Community Spirit 2007-09-07

24:12 minutes (5.54 MB)

Happenings include a 9/11 film at the Big Muddy IMC; Student Environmental Center picnic; and a closing reception for Lauren Zadikow's art show. News includes fuel economy stickers; declining penguin population due in part to climate change; Pope urges youth to care fore planet; and UN climate meeting ends with whole lotta nothin.

Your Community Spirit 2007-09-14

26:57 minutes (6.17 MB)

Happenings include Why We Fight; old tire collection; orange ribbon anti-torture campaign; GLBT resource center open house; Student Environmental Center meeting; Apple Fest; and the Pig Out. News includes climate change decreasing agricultural output; US climate change research found inadequate; bill to phase out incandescents; religious leaders hold climate change symposium; and municipalities encourage student walking.

Your Community Spirit 2007-09-21

29:47 minutes (6.82 MB)

Happenings include Iraq Moratorium Walk-Out; Darfur event; Forbidden Philosophies; SEC meeting; Bioneers; and the Bucky Dome. News includes record sea ice melting; San Francisco plans hour of darkness; pesticides up to no good; investors petition to require corporate disclosure of climate risk; Vatican aims for carbon neutrality; Army Corp halts work on destructive Missouri river project; DNA testing settles claims of chem exposure; and car greening.

Your Community Spirit 2007-09-28

28:25 minutes (6.51 MB)

Happenings include Hug a Vegetarian and Kiss a Vegan Day; and International Day of Non-Violence. News includes Brad Pitt pledges $5 million for green New Orleans homes; Bush hosts climate change discussion; banks pressure Bush to act on climate change; Dell pledges to go carbon neutral; EPA may approve toxic alternative to ozone-depleting pesticide; companies disclosing and mitigating emissions; Wal-Mart tracks some suppliers' energy efficiency; nations agree to phase out ozone-depleters faster; and Greenpeace ranks tech companies on eco record.

Your Community Spirit 2007-10-05

27:57 minutes (6.4 MB)

Happenings include National Solar Tour; Heartland Bioneers; GLBT events; and Rally for Reproductive Justice. News includes climate campaigners nominated for Nobel Prize; Times Square New Years Goes Green; Senate may soon vote on sea treaty; Congress moves ahead on climate legislation; China phases out incandescents; UK judge rules Inconvenient Truth partisan but still suitable for schools; states adopt decoupling plan to encourage energy efficiency; and fair trade market boosted by consumer demand.

Your Community Spirit 2007-10-12

28:52 minutes (6.61 MB)

Happenings include Richard Gilewitz at Cousin Andy’s Coffeehouse; National Solar Tour; Heartland Bioneers; Clean Car Wash by Sierra Club and SEC; Ralph Anderson Interfaith Dialog; Co-op Supper Club; and the Shawnee Trash Bash. News includes organic lawn care on National Mall; big biz coalition pressures suppliers to report carbon emissions; Dannon pays fines for pollution; publisher produces eco-friendly Bible; utility pays billions in acid rain settlement; and a man walks from UK to India.

Your Community Spirit 2007-10-19

27:51 minutes (6.38 MB)

Happenings include Bioneers; Take Back The Night; Grand Opening of new Green Earth trail; Sierra club trash bash; Brat Pack; and Vulture Fest. News includes... BIONEERS!

Your Community Spirit 2007-10-26

31:32 minutes (7.22 MB)

Happenings include Power Generation: Concert for Climate Change; student-led candlelight vigil and march for peace; critical mass; American Blackout showing at Big Muddy IMC; contra dancing; presentation by Nobel Peace Laureate; Veggie Thanksgiving next month; and Peace Coalition march for peace. News includes UK wrangling over air-freighted organic foods; sprawling homes susceptible to wildfires; White House waters down CDC climate testimony; ceiling fans help energy efficiency year round; fossil record study predicts climate change could fuel mass extinction; mining law reform bill pending;

Your Community Spirit 2007-11-02

29:00 minutes (6.64 MB)

Happenings include First Friday arts calendar; Farmer’s Market; fall back for daylight savings; American Blackout encore at the Big Muddy IMC; War Made Easy at the Big Muddy IMC; native prairie garden planting; and PAWS benefit. News includes lead toy recall; merger of two car sharing companies; Canadian government eco-strategies not working; research panel discourages Presidential nuke waste plan; IBM announces new reuse and recycle program; Forest Stewardship Council overhauls lax rules; NYC considers crackdown on plastic bags; students come together for historic national climate summit.

Your Community Spirit 2007-11-09

30:58 minutes (7.09 MB)

Happenings include Women’s Center anniversary; Farmer’s Market; Nobel Peace Laureate presentation; Habitat for Humanity Rake-A-Thon; PAWS auction and dinner; Socialist Party USA; and Vegetarian Thanksgiving. News includes groundbreaking mining reform bill; Climate Security Act makes progress; court ruling may save oil companies billions; extended daylight savings may or may not have saved energy; Target phases out PVC; poll shows people open to lifestyle changes, fuel tax.

Your Community Spirit 2007-11-16

31:35 minutes (7.23 MB)

Happenings and news not listed today. You’ll have to listen to find out!

Your Community Spirit 2007-11-23

28:53 minutes (6.62 MB)

Happenings include Buy Nothing Day; the Lights Fantastic Parade; and the Alternative Gift fair.

Your Community Spirit 2007-11-30

30:32 minutes (6.99 MB)

Happenings include the Locally Grown Conference; Lights Fantastic Parade; Alternative Gift Fair; and Candlelight Vinyasa Yoga. News includes success for the UN’s billion tree program; 2007 likely to be sixth hottest year on record; Bush and Gore meet in the Oval Office; and world’s poor shafted by climate change.

Your Community Spirit 2007-12-07

19:33 minutes (4.48 MB)

Happenings include several minutes of this episode going unrecorded due to Treesong’s absent-mindedness. News includes Senate environment committee approves climate bill; part of Healthy Forests law struck down for skirting eco-reviews; states petition EPA to regulate airline emissions; green group tests toys for toxics, publishes results online; severe precipitation in US increased over past half century; Brad Pitt wants your help with green building project; UN climate conference opens in Bali; Australia ratifies Kyoto; and US could slash emissions at little cost with boosted efficiency.

Your Community Spirit 2007-12-14

31:01 minutes (7.1 MB)

Happenings include This Day in History; Open Minds roundtable; and the Grove of Southern Illinois. News includes reducing unwanted catalogs in the mail; green resolutions; 215 climate scientists sign declaration urging action; US avoids action at climate meeting and announces alternative climate meeting; and Greenland ice sheet is melting.

Your Community Spirit 2007-12-21

29:17 minutes (6.71 MB)

Happenings include This Day in History; Film Friday at the Big Muddy IMC; and the Winter Solstice. News includes the energy bill; Tory leader lauds ‘Green Coal’; US warmer than normal in early 2008; digital fires courtesy iYule; colleges around the country take green steps; tax incentives for clean energy not yet renewed, but may soon be; US House passes toy safety bill; EPA won’t let California enact vehicle greenhouse gas limits; British scientists tells women to stop drooling over gas guzzling males; fat fueled speedboat undertakes second circumnavigation effort; Al Gore runner-up for