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Your Community Spirit 2017-01-06

29:57 minutes (13.71 MB)

News includes Potential For Collapse Of Key Atlantic Current Rises; Pipeline Resistance Gathers Steam From Dakota Access, Keystone Success; Tesla Flips The Switch On The Gigafactory; Solar Could Beat Coal To Become The Cheapest Power On Earth. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Continuing The Conversation; Water Ways Museum On Main Street Exhibit; Peace And Justice Vigil; Southern Illinois Women's March And Rally.

Your Community Spirit 2017-01-13

29:22 minutes (13.44 MB)

News includes Unrelenting Global Warming Sends Sea Ice To Record Low As Scientists Feel Heat Too; Environment Dominates Threats To Global Economy; Native Americans Fight Texas Pipeline Using Same Model As Standing Rock; Climate Investigation Of Exxon Can Proceed In Massachusetts, State Judge Rules; Solar Power To Rise From Chernobyl's Nuclear Ashes. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Antifascist Coalition; Jackson Falls Hike; New Humanist Forum; Continuing The Conversation; Water Ways Museum On Main Street Exhibit; Southern Illinois Women's March And Rally. Due to technical diffic

Your Community Spirit 2017-01-27

27:16 minutes (12.49 MB)

News includes Climate Change March To Descend On Washington In April; Standing Rock Sioux Will Not Back Down; Climate Change Acceptance Grows In US Even As Voters Elect Candidate Who Denies It; Solar Employs More People In US Electricity Generation Than Oil, Coal, And Gas Combined. Happenings include Freecycle; Food Not Bombs; Kitchen Gadget Swap; Farmers Market; Black History Month; Taste Of Chocolate; Peace And Justice Vigil; Labyrinth Walk.

Your Community Spirit 2017-02-03

28:33 minutes (13.07 MB)

News includes Climate Activist Escapes Conviction In Stunt That Shut Down 5 Pipelines; Rex Tillerson Confirmed By Senate And Oil Mogul Becomes Secretary Of State; Standing Rock Tribe Braces For Next Round of Dakota Pipeline Battle; Tesla Gives The California Power Grid A Battery Boost. Happenings include Black History Month At SIU; Pantry Purge: An Introduction Of The KonMari Method; Taste Of Chocolate; Farmers Market; Peace And Justice Vigil; Labyrinth Walk; Walk In Solidarity With SIUC International Students; 2017 International Festival Week; Transpoetic Playground; Illinois Initiative; Food

Your Community Spirit 2017-02-10

28:32 minutes (13.06 MB)

News includes Protests Erupted Across The Nation In An 11th-Hour Effort To Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline; The Winter Of Blazing Discontent Continues In The Arctic; Republican Carbon Tax Proposal: Novel Climate Solution Or Regulatory Giveaway; After The Women's March: Six Mass US Demonstrations To Join This Spring; Solar Power Taking Hold In Nigeria One Mobile Phone At A Time. Happenings include Black History Month At SIIU; 2017 International Festival Week; Food Not Bombs; Farmers Market; Campus Lake Cleanup; Seed Saving Workshop; Finding The Gold Within; Antifascist Coalition; Rally For WGSS

Your Community Spirit 2017-02-17

28:13 minutes (12.91 MB)

News includes Scientists Have Just Detected A Major Change To The Earth's Oceans Linked To A Warming Climate; Standing Rock Tribes File Last-Ditch Effort To Block Dakota Pipeline; Climate Change Concerns Prompt Court To Block Vienna Airport Expansion; Cheap Solar Ambulances To Speed Into Service In Rural Bangladesh; 2016 Was US Solar's BIggest Year To Date With Record-Breaking 95 Percent Grwoth. Happenings include Black History Month At SIU; Movie And Pizza Party; Through The Darwinian Looking Glass; Farmers Market; Carbondale Home Buyer Seminar; Play With Food; New Humanist Forum; Simply Wate

Your Community Spirit 2017-03-03

29:53 minutes (13.68 MB)

News includes False Spring Could Spell Trouble For Crops, Bees; Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented In Canada, Portends Huge Carbon Release; Meet 8 Black Leaders Who Are Reshaping The Climate Movement; Bipartisan Effort Seeks To Double Minnesota's Renewable Energy Standard. Happenings include Nurtured By Nature Photo Exhibit; Farmers Market; All Species Puppet Making Workshop; Peace And Justice Vigil; Painting Party; Labyrinth Walk; Sign Making Party; Transpoetic Playground; Dialogue Workshop; Standing Rock Native Nations March.

Your Community Spirit 2017-03-10

29:32 minutes (13.52 MB)

News includes Trump's EPA Halts Request For Methane Information From Oil And Gas Producers; February's Warmth, Brought To You By Climate Change; Oceans Are About To Turn Into A Frothing Cauldron Of Death; California Just Hit An Incredible Solar Power Milestone. Happenings include Standing Rock Native Nations March; Farmers Market; Varsity Center Comedy Fundraiser; Continuing The Conversation; 3rd Annual Girls Rock Gala.

Your Community Spirit 2017-03-17

28:32 minutes (13.06 MB)

News include Carbon Dioxide Is Rising At Record Rates; Europe Faces Annual Extreme Coastal Floods In Future; Native Americans March On Washington For Their Rights; Exxon Concealed Tillerson's Alias Emails From NY Climate Fraud Probe, AG Claims; Solar Experiment Lets Neighbors Trade Energy Among Themselves. Happenings include Movie And Pizza Party; 3rd Annual Girls Rock Gala; SAFE Monthly Member Meeting; Advocacy 101 Training; New Humanist Forum; SI Women's March Exhibition; AES Solar Open House And 3 Chamber Ribbon Cutting; Continuing The Conversation; The Transpoetic Playground; Pilgrimage To

Your Community Spirit 2017-03-24

29:55 minutes (13.7 MB)

News includes State Of The Warming Climate In 2016: Truly Uncharted Territory; Doctors Say Climate Change Is Making Americans Sicker; Meet The Fixer: This Brooklynite Retrofits Cities; Germany Converts Coal Mine Into Giant Battery Storage For Surplus Solar And Wind Power. Happenings include SI Women's March Exhibition; Greyscale: Performing Across Difference; Food Not Bombs; Tree And Shrub Sale; Sister Circle; Spring Wildflowers Of Southern Illinois; League Forum Carbondale City Council Candidates; Questions Of Faith And Reality; Peace And Justice Vigil; All People's Walk.

Your Community Spirit 2017-04-07

31:02 minutes (14.21 MB)

News includes The Climate Could Hit A State Unseen In 50 Million Years; Climate Change Impacting Most Species On Earth, Even Down To Their Genomes; EU Utilities Vow To End Coal After 2020 As Trump Promises Revival; South Australia To Get 1 Billion Dollar Solar Farm And World's Biggest Battery. Happenings include WDBX Spring Friendship Drive; 11 Days For Compassion; Earth Month At SIU; Sale To Fight World Hunger; WDBX Presents: Blues & Brews; Continuing The Conversations; Food Not Bombs.

Your Community Spirit 2017-04-14

28:37 minutes (13.1 MB)

News includes Documentary Series Spotlights People Taking Science Into Their Own Hands; Could We Get Climate Action From Republicans; Young Republicans Want To Rescue Us From Climate Denial; Meet The Fixer: This Policy Wonk Shows State Leadership On Solar; Tiny Iowa Paper Just Won A Pulitzer For Tackling Farm Pollution; Chicago Wants To Dominate In Renewable Energy. Happenings include Earth Month At SIU; Sign Making Event For Climate And Science Marches; All Species Puppet Making Workshop; Labyrinth Peace Park Restoration Group; New Humanist Forum; Native Plant Giveaway.

Your Community Spirit 2017-04-21

29:26 minutes (13.47 MB)

News includes March For Science: Nearly 500 Communities Across The Globe Will Partake In Earth Day Rallies; Climate Activists Plot How To Turn Anti-Trump Rage Into Anti-Trump Votes; Kentucky Coal Company Announces Plans To Build The State's Largest Solar Farm. Happenings include Earth Month At SIU; Movie And Pizza Party; Annual Spring Cleanup And Recycling Day; March For Science And All Species Parade; Taste Of Soul; Afternoon Tea With The Steampunk Society; Caravan To Cuba.