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Your Community Spirit 2008-01-04

29:36 minutes (6.78 MB)

Happenings include the Humanist Group discussion of global government and local peace activists wearing orange as part of an international campaign to shut down Guantanamo. News includes New Year's Resolutions.

Your Community Spirit 2008-01-11

30:52 minutes (7.07 MB)

Happenings include Treesong's time away from Your Community Spirit; This Day in History; Shut Down Guantanamo; and Evensong. News includes coral reefs suffering from proximity to humans; warming climate may increase dengue fever; Smart Grid technology may save US $120 billion; General Motors unveils hydro-powered Cadillac; 2008 may be slightly cooler, but still in top 10; IBM sued for dumping chemicals; and candidates appeal to green voters.

Your Community Spirit 2008-01-18

30:22 minutes (6.95 MB)

Happenings include Martin Luther King Jr Week; Waiting to Inhale film about medical marijuana at the Big Muddy IMC; the Winter Film Friday Fest at the Big Muddy IMC; and the WDBX Art Auction and WDBX Ball. News includes White House saving paper by putting budget online; Mitt Romney wins Michigan GOP primary after spewing anti-eco rhetoric; and India develops new super cheap car.

Your Community Spirit 2008-01-25

24:26 minutes (5.6 MB)

It's the end of the world as we know it, though our singing will not leave you feeling fine. Happenings include Interfaith Week Art Exhibit; the World Social Forum; Open Minds discussion series at the Unitarian Fellowship; Brad Cole to talk with citizens about Cool Cities; and primary elections coming up, including Greens on Illinois ballots. News includes lead laced lipstick; nuke plants in Southeast thirsty due to drought; Al Gore still not running for President; climate change poses growing security threat; Whole Foods to stop using plastic bags; Democrats talk about green collar jobs; and

Your Community Spirit 2008-02-01

31:40 minutes (7.25 MB)

Happenings include Breakfast with Bioneers; February Films at Big Muddy IMC; Climate Change Symposium; Conversation with Mayor Cole on Climate Change; and the Student Environmental Center. News includes a greener Superbowl; green CIA campus; FutureGen becomes PastGen; Iraq ratifies Kyoto Protocol; scientists study coral reef die-offs; and Brazil unveils plan to slow deforestation.

Your Community Spirit 2008-02-08

30:17 minutes (6.94 MB)

Happenings include a chocolate fountain at the Neighborhood Co-op; Big Muddy IMC's Film Friday; Valentine's Day; nature artist Marla Coppolina presents on snails; and the Student Environmental Center meets every Thursday. News includes car rental companies moving into car sharing market; clean energy boosting stimulus bill falls one vote short; green credit cards offer carbon offsets; a green take on Super Tuesday; and wind techs in high demand;

Your Community Spirit 2008-02-15

32:24 minutes (7.42 MB)

Happy Valentine's Day! Happenings include Valentine's Day; Big Muddy IMC Film Friday; Gaia House on the web; telemarketer do not call list for cell phones; and Sierra Club Chronicles on Sundance Channel. News includes FEMA trailers tainted with formaldehyde; Wisconsin college gives away bikes to students who pledge not to drive; compressed air cars to hit market in India; restaurant patrons donate to drinking water initiative; House Democrats push for renewables credits; Lake Mead could run out of water by 2012; historical warm periods linked to increased insect activity; Midwest refineries so

Your Community Spirit 2008-03-14

7:54 minutes (1.81 MB)

Due to technical difficulties, we only recorded the first 8 minutes of the show. Happenings include two films from the Big Muddy IMC March Film and Discussion Series and a Sierra Club talk about native plants and landscaping.

Your Community Spirit 2008-02-22

30:43 minutes (7.03 MB)

Happenings include the Lunar Eclipse, Big Muddy IMC films; Breakfast with Bioneers; Newsman Ray Suarez at SIUC; and the pending closure of Rosetta Stone Bookstore. News includes Castro resignation boosting biofuels; cities turn off lights for Earth Hour; NYC mayor to veto electronics recycling bill; Kleenex boxes infiltrated by anti-logging leaflets; California bill to require climate change lessons in school; researchers develop energy-generating clothing; and thin-film photovoltaics under development.

Your Community Spirit 2008-03-28

29:17 minutes (6.71 MB)

Happenings include the Three Mile Island anniversary; anniversary of Baghdad invasion; weather goes schizo; The Waterfront documentary at the Big Muddy IMC; Audobon Society shows bird photos from Tanzania; African American Museum presentation about widows of African American leaders; Cakewalk Benefit for Women's Center at Neighborhood Co-op Grocery; and Earth Hour.

Your Community Spirit 2008-04-04

29:15 minutes (6.7 MB)

Happenings include highlights in history; oil independence day; Asian Awareness Month; African American Museum tribute to Martin Luther King Jr; Cousin Andy's Coffeehouse; The Boycott, about global warming, in St Louis; Labyrinth clean-up; first annual Southern Illinois MS Walk; Iron Chef cookoff; talk on Israeli medical assistance in Africa; and Live Earth concert on SIUC campus.

Your Community Spirit 2008-04-11

26:11 minutes (6 MB)

Happenings include Interfaith Week; biointensive gardening; the Climate Project presentation; Appalachian Treasures; and Household Chemical Collection.

Your Community Spirit 2008-04-18

28:04 minutes (6.43 MB)

Back Home News discusses acupressure. Happenings include In Focus; Illinois Clean Car Act; Pickaxe and King Corn at Big Muddy IMC; Green Fee passage; annual Spring Cleanup; and Longest Walk 2. News includes Bush and British Prime Minister chatting on climate change.

Your Community Spirit 2008-04-25

30:00 minutes (6.87 MB)

Back Home News discusses compost. Happenings include the Spring Membership Drive; Global Youth Service Day; King Corn at Big Muddy IMC; Open House at Town Square Market; Earth Stewardship Sunday; yoga classes; Irish Fest; Mountaintop Removal at Big Muddy IMC; and Israeli Fest. News includes 800 EPA scientists report interference with their work; today's tip on saving gas; renewable tax credits may get another chance; condoms to preserve forests; Monopoly game gets hip to renewables; and feds set fuel economy benchmarks.

Your Community Spirit 2008-05-09

29:10 minutes (6.68 MB)

Happenings include the Longest Walk 2; food and clothing pick-up from dorms; Festival of Life; Treesong's Birthday; and summer happenings listed in the Nightlife. News includes Brazilians and Indians greenest in world; Sierra Club to sue over coal plants; deforestation may have increased cyclone impact; and Indian camels celebrate high oil prices.

Your Community Spirit 2008-05-16

25:16 minutes (5.79 MB)

Happenings include This Day in History; Bike to Work Day; Sierra Club Family Hike; Principles of Spiritual Healing at Dayemi Health Center; film at Big Muddy IMC; and Carbondale Interfaith Council. News includes Obama talking green while courting auto industry; US fails to be climate leader; and Mother's Day.

Your Community Spirit 2008-05-30

31:04 minutes (7.12 MB)

Happenings include the Longest Walk 2 and Double Feature at the Big Muddy IMC. News includes climate change harming US West; melting glaciers releasing DDT; Swedish company sells sustainable ethanol; McDonald's Australia to sell sustainable coffee; Exxon shareholders reject management shake-up; junk emails go green; NC bill to ban burning coal from mountaintop removal; 80 ways to celebrate World Environment Day; some gas pumps can't go past 3.99; and another push for renewable energy tax credits.

Your Community Spirit 2008-06-06

27:06 minutes (6.21 MB)

Happenings include the Longest Walk 2; Peace and Dignity Journeys; Big Muddy IMC presentation on Mountaintop Removal; Sunset Concerts; and Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. News includes bill to green schools; climate campaign aimed at US consumers; Mexico City residents losing sense of smell; Dow, Boeing to pay for nuke pollution; scooter ridership zooms; and DoE applies to store nuke waste at Yucca Mountain.

Your Community Spirit 2008-06-13

31:20 minutes (7.17 MB)

Happenings include International Coffee Hour; Yard Sale at Unitarian Fellowship; Escape from Suburbia at Big Muddy IMC; renovations at Varsity Center for the Arts; Habitat for Humanity; Superman Celebration; Farmer's Market; ice cream social; weed pull at Labyrinth Peace Garden; and Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba. News includes worldwide protests over fuel prices; San Francisco approves giant solar incentive program; and Senate Republicans block renewables tax credits.

Your Community Spirit 2008-06-20

28:48 minutes (6.6 MB)

Treesong flies solo while Aur flies away to the land of renewable energy. Music includes Flame of Wine, an album mostly sung in Irish Gaelic. Happenings include Midwest Renewable Energy Fair; Audobon Society showing of Silent Forest; Audobon Society annual meeting; Sunset Concerts; and local yoga events. News includes plans for vertical farming in a thirty story skyscraper; US fed report details climate change effects; and Massachusetts town to build offshore wind farm.

Your Community Spirit 2008-06-27

30:51 minutes (7.07 MB)

Happenings include Habitat for Humanity; Peace Vigil; Shawnee Green Party's Independence Day Celebration; Green Party Music Fest; Big Muddy IMC's Free Film Friday; and the Reach Out to Rosie fund. News includes Supreme Court slashing Exxon's damages for Valdez spill; California announces specifics of greenhouse gas reduction; a library for clothes; and French capital to implement electric-car sharing.

Your Community Spirit 2008-07-04

28:43 minutes (6.58 MB)

Happenings include a somewhat skippy song called My Country; Independence Day; Oil Independence Day; Shawnee Green Party Independence Day; and Big Muddy IMC film. News includes top 5 ways to cool your world; China's plastic bag ban; BLM reverses stand on solar moratorium; Bush heads to G8 where climate change will be a hot topic; and investment in renewables skyrockets.

Your Community Spirit 2008-07-11

26:33 minutes (6.08 MB)

Happenings include the Longest Walk 2; Big Muddy IMC film; Habitat for Humanity; and No War With Iran, a Call to Action. News includes companies that knew about formaldehyde in FEMA trailers; presidential campaign ads attack over energy; insurance co. offers green rebuilding coverage; and three day weekends in Utah.

Your Community Spirit 2008-07-18

28:18 minutes (6.48 MB)

Backhome News talks about natural dyes. Happenings include the Longest Walk 2; Habitat for Humanity; No War With Iran, a Call to Action; and a film at the Big Muddy IMC. News includes Al Gore proposal for carbon neutrality by 2018; contest for best idea to cut greenhouse gas; 2.6 million acres open to drilling in Alaska; ex-policymakers urge current policymakers to act on energy; and rental car companies struggling to meet demand for smaller cars.

Your Community Spirit 2008-08-01

28:22 minutes (6.5 MB)

Happenings include Hummingbird Festival and Habitat for Humanity. News includes LEDs in the spotlight; product safety bill banning phthalates; Spain to cut speed limits, give out CFLs, and build electric cars; Beijing skies clear but Olympians still worry; huge chunk breaks from Antarctic shelf; and green subdivision under development in Chicago suburbs.

Your Community Spirit 2008-08-15

30:26 minutes (6.97 MB)

Happenings include Big Issues on the Big Screen at the Big Muddy IMC; Vine-Maxion at Orlandini Vineyard to support Bucky Dome; 14th Annual Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day; Global Mala Project; and Two Mile Bike Challenge. News includes stalemate over renewables tax credits; Feds axe spotted owl acreage; Greens and Navy reach compromise over low-frequency sonar; and US economy shifting to energy efficiency.

Your Community Spirit 2008-08-22

31:52 minutes (7.3 MB)

Aur was out of town this week. Happenings include Energy Film Fest; Big Issues on the Big Screen at the Big Muddy IMC; Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day; and Benefit for the African American Museum. News includes science orgs pleading for funding for severe weather prep; Colorado utility voluntarily shuts down coal plants; and climate change endangers American pika. Music includes Carter and Connelly plus a happily honored listener request for Elvenking.

Your Community Spirit 2008-08-29

29:48 minutes (6.83 MB)

Our special guest this week was Tracey Weiresmueller, whose art was recently censored on campus. Happenings include Critical Mass; Habitat for Humanity; Student Environmental Center; Brown Bag Bioneers; CODA; Quakers; The Grove; Bible Study; SIWADE; Rice and Spice dinners; International Coffee Hour; and films at Big Muddy IMC. News includes McKinney talking to Grist; GOP platform acknowledges human-caused climate change; and high oil prices could spur plastic mining from landfills.

Your Community Spirit 2008-09-05

31:30 minutes (7.21 MB)

Happenings include Brown Bag Bioneers; Energy Film Fest; Habitat for Humanity; presentation about dinosaurs in Illinois; Climate Change Forum; and Big Issues on the Big Screen at the Big Muddy IMC. News includes another large section of Canadian ice shelf breaking loose; arctic ice in death spiral; updates from Twin Cities and RNC demonstrations; and news from the Slow Foods revolution.

Your Community Spirit 2008-09-12

31:40 minutes (7.25 MB)

Our special guest is Sarah talking about the Global Mala event. Happenings include the Global Mala; Big Issues on the Big Screen at the Big Muddy IMC; Energy Film Fest Grand Finale; Climate Change Forum; and Student Environmental Center. News includes Obama mentioning green issues in September 11 forum; old growth forests absorb more CO2 than they release; and Greenpeace protesters acquitted in coal activism case.

Your Community Spirit 2008-09-19

29:48 minutes (6.83 MB)

News from Backhome explores the wonders of mint! Happenings include a story from the RNC; Brown Bag Bioneers lunches; Rice and Spice slow foods dinners; Global Mala for UN International Peace Day; Neighborhood Co-op Grocery's Local Harvest Picnic; Winter Soldier at the Big Muddy IMC; and World Car Free Day. News includes anti-coal activists in England acquitted of charges because the global warming that they were trying to stop causes more harm than the political vandalism they engaged in to stop global warming.

Your Community Spirit 2008-09-26

30:13 minutes (6.92 MB)

Special guests include Lucy and Keally from the Trek to Re-Energize America. Happenings include Brown Bag Bioneers; Rice and Spice international slow foods dinner; Habitat for Humanity; Gaia House Focus Group; Interveg vegetarian and vegan potluck; Hunger and Homelessness Week; Heartland Solar Tour 2008; and Rally for Reproductive Justice. News includes Dems letting offshore drilling ban expire; Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act passes; the dumbness that is the Bank Bailout; and the joy of the apple harvest.

Your Community Spirit 2008-10-03

28:25 minutes (6.51 MB)

Happenings include Brown Bag Bioneers; Big Muddy IMC showing of Hacking Democracy; Rice and Spice, International Slow Food Dinner; Habitat for Humanity; Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Southern Illinois Solar Tour; Rally for Reproductive Justice; and GLBT History Month. News includes the renewables tax credit on hold; renewable energy tops 10 percent of US energy production; Bush loans $25 billion to Big Auto; farmland birds don't seem to mind wind turbines; and driving is down in the US.

Your Community Spirit 2008-10-10

27:43 minutes (6.35 MB)

Happenings include Habitat for Humanity; Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Taxi to the Dark Side at the Big Muddy IMC; Saturday Morning Cartoons at Big Muddy IMC; Art Around the Square; Farmer's Market; and GLBT History Month. News includes extension of renewables credits; environmental problems to displace millions; Galapagos Islands crack down on humans; feds to designate critical habitat for polar bears; Starbucks wastes mind-altering amounts of water.

Your Community Spirit 2008-10-17

30:43 minutes (7.03 MB)

Heartland Bioneers is starting as we speak! We spent the entire show talking about Heartland Bioneers. See for a complete listing of happenings for the weekend.

Your Community Spirit 2008-10-24

29:08 minutes (6.67 MB)

Happenings include Take Back the Night; film showing of Crude at the Big Muddy IMC; and film showing of Coverup next week at Big Muddy IMC. News includes Feds boosting geothermal energy development; Bush admin will rush review of comments on endangered species; and US agrees to debt-for-nature swap with Peru; EPA releases 2009 fuel economy guide.

Your Community Spirit 2008-10-31

30:53 minutes (7.07 MB)

Music includes Samhain by Inkubus Sukkubus. Happenings include Halloween and Samhain; Critical Mass; Demonstration at Subway; Coverup at Big Muddy IMC;
Sarah Palin Horror Picture Show at Big Muddy IMC; Rocky Horror Picture Show at Big Muddy IMC; Habitat for Humanity; Election Films at the Big Muddy IMC; and the election. News includes Gore calls on youth to vote on climate; beating the KFC family meal challenge; killing vampires of the energy variety; Wal-Mart scaling back growth plans; and other headlines.

Your Community Spirit 2008-11-07

30:31 minutes (6.99 MB)

Happenings include Drop Beats Not Bombs; Murder of Fred Hampton documentary at Big Muddy IMC; Tret Fure at Cousin Andy's; Dogma film showing and discussion at Interfaith Center; Dance-Out for Education a Right, Not Privilege at SIUC; Tenants Are People Too meeting; Carbondale in Thanksgiving; Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger Week; Vegetarian Thanksgiving Potluck; and School of the Americas vigil and protest. News includes questions about greenness of new Congress; tips on frugal green living; decline in driving in the US; and tips on reusing old political yard signs.

Your Community Spirit 2008-11-14

32:02 minutes (7.34 MB)

Happenings include Day of Action Against Coal and Coal Finance; JFK assassination documentaries at the Big Muddy IMC; local protest against Prop 8 which banned gay marriage in CA; Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger Week; and the Vegetarian Thanksgiving Potluck at the Interfaith Center. News includes White House undercuts reduced-lead rule; EPA scientific advisers urge agency to delay final perchlorate decision; Bush admin takes first steps toward offshore drilling; and IEA forecasts boom in renewables through 2030.

Your Community Spirit 2008-11-21

26:55 minutes (6.16 MB)

Happenings include Hunger Week; Native American Heritage Month; International Coffee Hour; and Vigil for Peace. News includes police spying on green activists; White House pushing to nix fuel efficiency requirement for Big 3 bailout; and the dawn of World Toilet Day.

Your Community Spirit 2008-11-28

30:11 minutes (6.91 MB)

Happenings include Thanksgiving and Black Friday; RFK assassination documentary at the Big Muddy IMC; dialog about prisons at the Ralph Anderson Interfaith Dialog; the last Farmer's Market of the year; peace vigil; AIDS awareness 2008; Fantastic Chili at the Interfaith; Lights Fantastic Parade; and Alternative Gift Fair. News includes Vatican goes solar; Broadway goes green; BLM backs off of oil drilling near Utah national parks; LA goes solar; and a cemetery goes solar.

Your Community Spirit 2008-12-05

28:36 minutes (6.55 MB)

Happenings include film showing of The One Percent at the Big Muddy IMC; Interveg vegetarian potluck; Cache wetlands presentation; Holiday Craft Sale at SIUC Student Center; International Coffee Hour; Rice and Spice International Slow Foods Dinner; Vigil for Peace; Climate Change Global Day of Action; Fantastic Chili at the Interfaith Center; Alternative Gift Fair; and Holden Evening Prayer at Interfaith Center. News includes one in three toys found to be toxic; Hawaii to be first with statewide electric car charging stations; EPA makes mountaintop removal mining easier; Bush pardons bald eagle killer; Ford shifts to small vehicles; and U.N.

Your Community Spirit 2008-12-12

32:22 minutes (7.41 MB)

Music includes Hail the Holly King by Inkubus Sukkubus and The Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams. Happenings include congratulations to the graduates and other students; the film Guerrilla at the Big Muddy IMC; Vigil for Peace; and Rice and Spice. News includes Bush admin removing independent scientific reviews from Endangered Species Act; California to slash greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020; UN chief wants Green New Deal on climate change, financial crisis; and EPA unveils most wanted list of eco-criminals. Special segments of the day is the next installment of All Natu

Your Community Spirit 2008-12-19

29:22 minutes (6.72 MB)

Happenings include Germany Awake at the Big Muddy IMC and numerous holidays in the coming week. News includes the conflict in Greece; 2 trillion tons of land ice in Arctic melted since 2003; China's first mass-produced hybrid goes on sale; and Obama's transition team goes green. Special segments include the first installment of Stupid Celebrity Eco-Quotes and the third installment of All Natural Aphrodisiacs.

Your Community Spirit 2008-12-26

30:32 minutes (6.99 MB)

Music includes The Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams. Happenings include holidays of the season. News includes Top 10 Green Stories of 2008. Special segments include stupid celebrity How to Save the Planet quotes and Surprisingly Effective All Natural Aphrodisiacs.