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Your Community Spirit Promo with Drums

0:40 minutes (160.15 KB)

This is a version of the Your Community Spirit promo that Aur mixed with some of his favorite drum music. The funky electronic noises that you hear in the backround are actually recordings of the noises made by the sun recorded and produced by Quetzatl. The drumming is from a CD that Aur often plays on the radio show.

Here's the words to our promo:

Are you READY for the end of the World?

Listen to...........

Your Community Spirit,

the show about caring, sharing and preparing for the changes needed in the world, AS We Know It.

Let's bring back the circle,

the circle of friends,

the circle of family.

the circle of being.


and be healthy and therefore wealthy to the Peace and Joy of Mother Earth.

Listen to Your Community Spirit every Friday morning from 10 to 10.30 on WDBX 91.1

Your Community Spirit 2008-

30:19 minutes (6.94 MB)

Happenings include Taste of Jackson County; Big Issues on the Big Screen at the Big Muddy IMC; Habitat for Humanity; Rock Out For Rosie; Peace Coalition 25th Anniversary Celebration and Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembrance; and Invisible Children Rally. News includes Feds cutting programs to help poor countries adapt to climate change; colleges and high schools more bike and pedestrian friendly; Wal-Mart urges FTC not to define carbon offsets; two coal plants given go-ahead by green groups; and Dell Inc. claims carbon neutrality.

Your Community Spirit 2009-07-31

28:26 minutes (6.51 MB)

Happenings include this week's holidays; Critical Mass; American Dream film showing at Big Muddy IMC; Saturday Habitat for Humanity; Vigil for Peace. News includes nuclear plants hurting power companies' credit ratings; citizens want leaders to make climate high priority; obesity causing higher health costs; Tesla Motors opens retail stores across country; Cash for Clunkers underway.

Your Community Spirit 2009-08-14

30:01 minutes (6.88 MB)

Happenings include the week's holidays; Judgment at Nuremberg film showing at Big Muddy IMC; Farmer's Market; Vigil for Peace; Kiss In. News includes the latest update on Roz Savage's oceanic journey; Bill Clinton proposes EV for Clunkers program; World Naked Bike Ride; Ugly Ingenuity; oil lobby arranging town hall style protests to attack climate bill; Egypt bans genetically modified news; and updates on stories we've been following.